France flower delivery market

Flowers in France

In 2023, France remained one of the most competitive markets for flower delivery: bouquets, plants, arrangements, the French people have a long love story for floral arrangements. Whether it's in banquets, weddings, in personal situations or even on the workplace, France finds a way to use flowers in a creative way.

A highly competitive market

There are several big companies in France that compete for a flower delivery business estimated at 1 billion Euros. There is a very fierce competition, because while flowers remain a luxury item, new logistical solutions have made affordable bouquets more common. Postal delivery has skyrocketed in the past 20 years, which has been a huge blow to florists that provide hand-delivery. Indeed, it is much cheaper to ship flowers than to delivery them in person. So in essence, what we've witnessed in France is a segmentation of the market in 2 powerful poles, one being affordable flowers, and another a more high-end, personalized market where florists have a chance to shine, as they are able to provide high-quality, original bouquets, unlike their shipping and standardized competitors. While we can notice this trend on most markets in Europe, Germany hasn't seen such a big polaization.

Ways to compare

France has many actors on the flower delivery scene, occupying very specific segments of the market. Some companies ship their bouquets, others rely on a huge network of local florists. To make sense of all this, a comparison website has been set up in France to help consumers make sense of it all. This project relies on independent sources of information that provide accurate and objective data on that market. Such an initiative received the support of the EFC as it informative, clear and useful.