Mission statement

Our mission

The European Florists Consortium aims to support and protect local florists throughout Europe. To that end, it provides information and resources to help comsumers better understand the work that floral artisans do every day.

An old tradition

Europe has seen centuries of floral work. Through time, the florist has always been an important part of the working community, in towns and then in cities. As society transformed, so did his work, incorporating more and more elements from global distribution. With time, some of the ancestral knowledge of the original florists was lost, and the bouquets lost some of their uniqueness.

A revival

In recent years, the florist profession has seen a revival in certain European countries. Young people have decided to start new adventures in a line of work most would have thought was no longer profitable. Our organisation - and others - have ceaselessly supported their work to bring awareness of the beauty of their artform to the population.