Flowers and florists in Italy

Flowers in Italy

Italy's economy has been suffering as of late, like many of its Southern European neighbors. Is it the case for the flower delivery market in 2024? In fact, the flower business has had a different trajectory altogether: sales are up, more and more people are ordering flowers online, everywhere in Italy. How is that possible? It is mostly due to the fact that as the economy of the country modernizes, more and more people are transitioning to buying goods online. The COVID-19 pandemics has had a devastating effect on local florists, many of whom had to close their doors. Consequently, the online flower retail market has grown in the past 10 years, and it expected to keep growing for the next couple of decades. How could we summarize this market at present?

  • A few solid national players who are able to deliver throughout the country
  • A few association of local florists, such as the flower delivery Italy association, that have been able to remain a strong force within the floral business.
  • A lower than average margin within the European Union
As we have seen, since the Italian market is bound to grow in the next couple of decades, it's a wise investment for companies to try to develop their activities within the country. Flowers have always been popular in Italy, and are likely to remain so.