The Spanish flower market

Flowers in Spain

Spain is one of the most populous countries in Europe. It's also been hit hard by successive economic crises. However, the flower market in Spain is expanding rapidly. While still largely local in the 1990's, in 2024 Spain has seen an increase in professionalism as far as flower companies are concerned. Many companies were reluctant to invest in Spain in the past; most have now changed their minds, as the Spanish floral market is growing faster than most European countries. What are the opportunities available now for florists in Spain?

  • A market with high margins and a lot of local artisans still trying to unite and promote their products online
  • International companies still aren't able to cover the entirety of the Spanish territory, leaving many areas available for traditional artisans
  • A growing demand on the part of expats and their families who settled in Spain.
These specifics make the Spanish market particularly interesting and worth investing into, especially for local florists who are willing to transition online.

Pioneers in flower delivery

Thankfully, a collective set up a website dedicated to florists in Spain, in order to promote this market near and far. The website, dedicated to flower delivery in Spain, has already been translated into 4 languages, in order to help clients wherever they are connect with the flower companies in Spain. While still a work in progress, this platform will eventually represent every town and city in Spain, allowing local florists to benefit from crucial internet exposure.